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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scrappies Summer Yardsale!!!

This is a awesome way to trade in your OLD scrapbooking supplies for brand new ones!!

Yardsale will be JULY 6-13

To participate you can drop off your yardsale items beginning June 20th, the last day to drop off is July 1st
To participate follow these steps. Step 1. Call or email the store to get your yardsale ID #, Step 2. Price your items and put your yardsale Id#, Step3. Drop off items btwn June 20-July 1, Step4. Shop the yardsale and see other croppers bargains between July 6-13, Step 5. Collect your earnings in the form of Scrappies Store Credit! Redeem on anything in the store all year long!!!! Step 6. pick up your remaining yardsale items before July 27 or it will be donated to Scrappies prize bin.

You will not believe these deals!!!! & Who can resist a yardsale in the AC!!!

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